Health insurance

Are you working or living in Holland? Then you are obligated to have a Dutch health insurance.

Dutch health care system: how does it work?
The health insurance system in the Netherlands as it is now was introduced in 2006. For everyone it is mandatory to have at least a basic health insurance (in Dutch “basisverzekering”). You can also get an additional insurance, depending what your health care needs are. For instance physiotherapy. This is not mandatory. Because health care in the Netherlands is funded through taxation of income, it is mandatory to have at least a basic health insurance when you work in the Netherlands. Even if you already have a health insurance in another country.
The basic health insurance covers basic care such as medical care, medicines and hospital stays. If you need extra care, such as extra dental care or physiotherapy , you can close an additional insurance. An additional health insurance will cost you more money than only a basic health insurance.

The mandatory basic health insurance costs € 109,95 a month.(2016). The additional health insurance varies from € 2,00 to € 150,00, depending on how much care you want to cover. There is also an own risk excess of € 385,00 (in 2016). This is a contribution you have to pay yourself in case of an insurance claim. In other words, you will pay the first € 385,00 of the costs of the healthcare you receive in 2016. Our clients take care of your health insurance.

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