+Working Conditions

Good working conditions are necessary for a carefree stay in The Netherlands

Dutch norms and values are the basis for which Ergasia4u meets all the necessary requirements, to ensure an efficient and prosperous working term for you.

What Ergasia4U guarantees

Ergasia4U works in cooperation with foreign recruiters authorised to engage in such activities. Therefore we guarantee that upon your arrival you will be assisted by our local representatives, who will take care of job related paperwork, accommodation and transport and, of course, give you a job.

Working hours 

Working hours in The Netherlands are between 36 and 40 hours per week, monday to friday and weekends are days off. All extra hours will be paid as overtime.


Arriving in The Netherlands you will be greeted at the airport and taken to your new home. During your stay with us, transportation is perfectly arranged, employees receive a company car or van which they carpool together with to and from work. Having a large carfleet at our disposal makes us very flexible and efficient, which is a top priority in our company. If your new home is close to your job you can travel by bike or public bus.

Necessary documents 

Upon your arrival to the Netherlands you must have a valid passport or ID card. In many cases our partners ask for the following candidate’s information in advance: bank account details, photo, CV in English or German and a certificate of good conduct. All the details are discussed during the interview and the list of necessary things to take is provided before departure.


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