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At the moment we are recruiting enthusiastic, motivated, experienced European people from the age off 21 years old.  We offer an employment contract to work in The Netherlands for a minimum period of three to seven months starting 2021. 

We work together with a large range of clients who are leading professionals in Building and Installation Industry. Personal interviews with our recruiting experts will determine what the best options are, specifically for you.

Characteristics of temporary employment in the Netherlands

The Netherlands was the country where employer and employee first signed a temporary employment agreement. Such type of employment encourages economic growth and the agreement represents the wish of employers to recruit employees that are flexible in terms of job period, working hours, residence and transport. In a great number of cases the contract is indefinite, however, we prefer if workers stay to work in the Netherlands for as long as possible. Under temporary employment agreement the worker may take a week’s or two weeks’ holiday every three or four months. If you want to go on vacation it is necessary to inform the employer in advance. If you are interested in being recruited to work in the Netherlands, temporary employment is a great solution to unemployment and an opportunity to gain work experience abroad.

Direct jobs available:
Plumber, central heating mechanic, airconditioning mechanic, electrician, welders etc…

Please note: Due to our Company Privacy Policy the names and identification of our clients are not available online. Personal information regarding clients will be discussed in a private interview with our recruiting directors.

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