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As an international recruitment agency, Ergasia4U specializes in mediating people worldwide that are suitable for the Dutch market. Our consultants are continually helping to mediate staff in industries such as Building, Installation and other professional sectors. We distinguish ourselves by our method of recruitment, selection and over 20 years of international experience, taking into account all the various unique cultures and traditions we have come to learn. Simply put, at Ergasia4U, we are people helping people.

Our people responsible for the European market: (send an email to: info@ergasia4u.com and they will contact you)

Joop Verheij: People management, recruitment expert, entrepreneur;

Ingrid de Brouwer: Recruitment expert, Office manager;

Greece: Damianos Kamenos, recruitment expert;

Romania: Adriana Simcea, recruitment expert, HRM expert;

Spain: Juan da Silva, recruitment expert. 

Staff as an important link

First and foremost we realize that work is a very important link in life, keeping you involved in society and contributing to personal and professional development. Secondly, staff in all organizations is the most important link to success both for the employer and employee. Therefore, we go beyond the work alone, it’s about the right person in the right place. At Ergasia4U, client and employee must match for a winning combination.

Ergasia4U is part of the P&O Interim Group, based in The Netherlands, which has over 20 years experience in recruiting and employing people.

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