Selection process

Ergasia4u selection process

If you are interested in working in the Netherlands you have to take part in our selection process.

Step 1:
You register free of charge at The registration form must be accompanied by a CV in English or German. Also a Euro CV can be created after you have registered. To speed up the selection process you could give as a call, so that we could review your profile immediately and discuss your employment opportunities.

Step 2:
If your profile matches any vacancy(s) you will be selected and invited for an interview in your country. In the interview we will discuss your application, work experience, job expectations, test your knowledge of foreign languages and assess your possibilities to get a job in the Netherlands.
If we cannot come to your country, a video call (Interview) will be arranged over Skype.

Step 3:
If your application is selected by Ergasia4u we will offer you a particular vacancy and provide the necessary information. Usually you will only get a few days to prepare for the trip, therefore, if you have made a firm decision to work in the Netherlands you have to be ready to leave on a short notice if necessary.

Step 4:
When Ergasia4u has confirmed your application your trip to the Netherlands will be planned.

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