Your ” Home away from Home” is key to our philosophy. The quality accomodations provided for you meet all the requirements of the Certified Flex Home Organisation and is in accordance with the local municipality. We are convinced that a good working environment together with comfortable and pleasant living contributes to the wellbeing of employees and increases job performance.

If you are looking for a place to live in the Netherlands you should know that it is rather difficult to find cheap accommodation. Therefore Ergasia4u can offer accommodation for employees from Europe.
Employees may be accommodated in private houses, dormitories or summer houses. All housing offered is fully equipped with furniture and main household appliances. The number of people accommodated in one room varies from one to four.
Our clients try to accommodate workers as close to the workplace as possible so that they could come to work by bicycle or by car.

Rent prices
Depending on the job type monthly rent fees range between 50 and 300 EUR. Utilities are included in the price.
Workers who want to find accommodation on their own are welcome to do so but they will have to let us know about this in advance.

Accommodation rules
As the accommodation is provided by our partners they set strict rules for using it. Residents must keep the house clean, save electricity and water, not make noise and disturb their neighbours as well as follow other rules established by the agency. Upon breaching the rules residents may have to pay a fine. Accommodation rules are explained to the workers as soon as they arrive to the accomodation. As the accommodation provided will be your second home you have to take good care of it.

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