The majority of workers leave for the Netherlands to make money therefore what matters the most is the payment for work there. The money you can make depends on the sector you work in, the position and the number of working hours. However it may not be less than a fixed minimum gross salary for somebody of 23 years or older: € 9,72 per hour.(01-01-2021) That is € 388,80 gross by working 40 hours per week. Skilled workers depending on their profession get paid around € 500,00 nett per week including the rent, health insurance and taxes but excluding the travelling costs to and from work.

In addition to the salary for your job in The Netherlands you will also save for holidays per working hour. If you work 40 hours a week this is approximately 0,5 day or 4 hours per week. Workers in The Netherlands have to save their holidays, so they get paid during holidays or at the end of the employment contract.

Also in addition to the salary for your job in the Netherlands you will also get paid a holiday benefit which is 8% of your gross salary.

We pay the holiday benefit of 8% and the reservation for short absence and legal holidays every four weeks together with the salary. This is included in the above mentioned salary.

For example:
Our clients pay a skilled worker € 500,- nett per week.  This is including all expenses like health care, housing, taxes etc. and excluding travel costs to and from work.

How do you get paid in the Netherlands?
Our clients pay for the hours worked, you get paid once in four weeks. The salary after deducting the rent, insurance and taxes paid to the government is then transferred to the bank account you indicate. To open a bank account in a Dutch bank you must submit your BSN Number, residence address and an employment contract with one of our clients. It may take you from one to two weeks to open a Dutch bank account.

Why do young people get paid less?
According to the Dutch law young people until 23 years old may be paid less. The argument behind this is that expenses of young people in comparison to the older ones are lower. The younger the employee the less money he gets paid per hour.
As the payment for work in the Netherlands and payment conditions depend on the Dutch law they are discussed in detail during the interview with the Ergasia4U consultant.

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