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1. Plumber

2.Central heating mechanic


4. Welder

Are you interested in working in The Netherlands?

Ergasia4u has been employing staff in the Netherlands since 2003 and does  that  for European job seekers as well. Currently, more than 150 employees are recruited by Ergasia4u and  work  throughout the Netherlands.


Information on working and living in the Netherlands:
The decision to work and live in the Netherlands is a big step. As leaving your family and friends behind and starting off in a foreign country is a challenge we want you to make the right decision. It is necessary to know where you are going and what awaits you at your destination.
Should you have any questions on working and living in the Netherlands please contact us and we will provide you with all the necessary information by phone or at our office in your country.
We are here to guide you through the whole process: from the pre-selection stage till your last working day in the Netherlands.


The Netherlands:
As any other country in the world the Netherlands has certain rules regulating employment and everyday life. The section on working conditions gives some useful tips and information about payment, housing, health insurance, BSN number, transportation in The Netherlands, tools, living conditions and how to get to The Netherlands.
We hope you will find this information useful for working and settling down in the Netherlands. If necessary we will explain to you all the work related rules and give an introduction to the procedures that must be followed in the everyday life activities such as opening a bank account in a local bank, applying for a BSN number, etc.


Interesting facts about The Netherlands:
The Netherlands and Holland is the same country. Officially North Holland and South Holland are two provinces situated at the North Sea.
25% of the country’s territory is below sea level.
The Dutch are the tallest nation in the world.
Amsterdam has 1281 bridges.
Every Dutchman has a bicycle and bicycles outnumber cars by two to one.
The Netherlands has the highest number of museums out of which Amsterdam alone has 42.
Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world.


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