BSN number

What is a BSN Number?

If you want to legally work in the Netherlands you must register at the Dutch Tax Administration (Belastingdienst), where you will be issued a BSN Number also known as Burgerservicenummer or Sofi Number.
This number is required to be able to legally work in the country, pay taxes to the government and get a refund, also when estimating work related social security payments, opening a bank account, etc. This number is issued for life.

How to get a BSN?

If you travel with Ergasia4u to the Netherlands we will take care of the BSN. As soon as you arrive in the Netherlands your identity document (passport or ID card) and your residence address will be registered at the Tax Administration Office. Once this is done you can start working.
Depending on the employment procedures some employees get a BSN on the same day, others have to wait a couple of weeks. If you start working before you have received a BSN during this period a higher tax rate will apply but you may apply for a tax refund next year.
For more information on the BSN Number and how to get it and the Dutch Tax Administration please go to

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